Repressed Memories

Children repress memories of their sexual abuse in order to survive. Their very lives depend on their caregivers. Their little bodies know it's not safe to disclose, especially when there have been previous instances where they've said things and have not been believed. So their bodies do the only thing they can to survive - they repress. They forget. It's the only way to keep going. And it's pretty miraculous that the body is so intelligent that it has the power to do this. Children often do not remember until they are adults. And even then, the memories often take decades to surface. They come back when the body finally feels safe to remember them. The problem is that by that time, the statute of limitations has often run out, and their perpetrators can no longer be held accountable for their heinous crimes. The legal system is complicit in re-traumatizing victims. In a sense, they are told once again that they are not believe